DiaBlend (Sugar Free) Pack of 5 (200gm)

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  • Manufacturer: Dr Ethix
  • Composition: Diabetic Specific Vitamins + Multi Minerals (Sugar Free)
  • Total: Pack of 5 (200gm)
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Ingredients: Soya protein, Casein protein, Skimmed milk powder, Whey protein, Malito dextrin, Vitamins & Minerals. 

Description: Exclusive product for diabetic person from Maxwell pharma. Diablend protein powder contains highly rich proteins, vitamins and minerals, enriched with methylcobalamin & carnitine which helps to prevent anemia and protect from heart diseases. Proteins give energy to the body and make body stronger and healthier. 

Direction for use: Mix four teaspoons of diablend in lukewarm or cold milk. Stir well to make a homogenous mixture and drink. Mix with cold milk for fabulous taste. Take for 2 servings per day or as per physician’s order.

Benefits of Diablend protein powder

  • Diablend protein powder is the amazing product helps to improve health of hair; teeth and nails are mostly made of protein. Our body uses protein to build and repair tissues. 
  • We also use protein to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals. Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood.
  • Whey protein is commonly used for increasing strength. Whey protein is also used to reverse weight loss in people with diabetic and to help prevent allergic conditions. 

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