Dr.Ethix's First-Aid (Pouch)

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  • Composition: Dr.Ethix's First-Aid (Pouch)
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Product Description

Ethix First Aid Kit

First aid Kit medical box is very important to keep in every home and workplace,  Home First Aid Box its save life during injury or sudden illness. Ethix Health Care Products.

This medical first aid box is one of the most important things to have as a handy in every house and its workplace. It will be saving a life when a person has an injury or some health issues.

This multipurpose medicinal kit is well designed as a multipurpose kit. This will be a perfect one for offices, hospitals, sports, travel, sports, etc. it is always important to have a home first aid kit at every house. It contains some components, which can easily understand as it has a description booklet.  To have this first aid box buy online.

Indian Tiger Balm

Indian Tiger balm in first aid kit is used to reduce aches and strains. Home First Aid Box It can also treat tension head ache, cold and congestion, back pain, neck and shoulder tension and joint pain.

Dressing pad (sterile) (10cm x 10cm)

An absorbent, sterile dressing pad medium (10cm x 10cm) attached to a stretch cotton bandage which is used to protect Best Home First Aid Kit and cover wounds and control bleeding.

Scissors (SS) 4.7 inch

Uses of scissor in Dr. Ethix first aid kit are for cutting gauze and sometimes even adhesive bandages to an appropriate length. First Aid Kit Best Home First Aid Kit It is also used for cut the cloth to expose injured areas to be able to treat wounds better.

Medicated Band aid (Round)

Medicated band aid (Round) is treating for emergency pressure dressing especially cuts and laceration. Home First Aid Box This will help the wound edges to close together and helps to reduce bleeding.

Medicated Band aid (wash proof)

Medicated band aid (wash proof) is treating for emergency pressure dressing especially cuts and laceration. Best Home First Aid Kit This will help the wound edges to close together and helps to reduce bleeding. Water will not get inside.

Roller Bandage (10 cm)

Roller bandage is a roll of gauze material which is used to Best Home First Aid Kit immobilize injured body part, provide pressure to control internal and external bleeding, absorb drainage and secure dressing.

Dusting Powder (sulp+Zinc+Boric)

Dusting powder in first aid box is very effective to absorb moisture on wound and promote healing. First Aid Kit Helps to clean affected area, remove tissue debris and dirt.

Gloves (sterile)

Sterile gloves are used as barrier against infection in a first aid situation. Home First Aid Box It is important that first aiders carry disposable gloves at all times for protection and examination purpose. The first aider should wear whenever there is a contact with bodily fluids.


ORS in first Aid kit is used to replace fluid and minerals after having severe diarrhoea and vomiting. Home First Aid Box It helps to prevent and treat dehydration (loss of fluid from body).

Absorbent Cotton Wool

Cottons are used to stop or prevent bleeding from small cuts, injury and minor punctures such as injections or venipuncture. Best Home First Aid Kit They may be secured in place with tape.

Enzyme Digestive Tablets

This tablet is used to treat digestive problem and prevent bowel problems like bloating and abdominal discomfort.

Compound Benzoin Tincture

Compound benzoin tincture in first aid kit can be applied for skin fissures, canker sores and fever blisters. Best Home First Aid Kit And also tincture benzoin can be added with hot water for steam inhalation.

Antiseptic liquid

Antiseptic liquid can be removed germs from skin, protect from infection caused by cuts and scratches and can also be used as household disinfectant.

Pact 650

Pact 650 in first aid box is used to reduce high temperature (Fever), body pain, head ache and allergic cold.

First aid box

First aid kit mini contains 16 pieces of products which are very much useful in emergency situation.

Safety pin

Safety pin can be used to fix bandages.

Description sheet

Dr. Ethix first aid description sheet contain all kind of information  regarding first aid and details and uses of materials inside the first aid kit.

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