Kesh MahaRani Hair oil 120ml

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  • Manufacturer: Dr Ethix
  • Composition: Herbal Solution of Premature Greying & Hair Loss
  • Total: Pack of 5 (120ml)
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This Dr.Ethix's scheme is only for BPL(Below Poverty Line),Widows, Orphans, Single Parent & Differently abled Patients .Kindly enclose the appropriate proof along with your Aadhar Card to get this economically priced products.

Kesh Maha Rani Herbal Ayurvedic Hair oil

The keshmaharani ayurvedic hair oil is a patented ayurvedic hair medicinal that has been prepared without any side effects. This oil has been prepared with the sesame oil with 16 selected herbal plants. As the oil name itself suggests, it is herbal Ayurvedic Hair oil and it is manufactured from different herbs found in nature. It gives the best result for hair growth as it helps to increase the growth of hair follicles.  We have manufactured the Kesh Maha rani herbal hair oil based on the principles that are mentioned in the ayurvedic textbook-like Panchkarma, Siddha medicine, and Charaka Samhita. Apart from nourishing and protecting, this hair oil will also prevent dandruff, premature graying, hair fall, headache, sleeplessness and split hair. It will also help with hair regrowth. Basically, the hairs consist of 2 parts one is hair shaft and another one is hair follicle.

The kesh Maha Rani Hair oil will be acting on the hair follicle that is the center of biological activity like pigmentation and hair growth. This oil will also react on the hair shaft just by penetrating into the medulla, which is known to the innermost layer of the hair shaft. These are the activated Matrix Cells that remove the fiber of the week hair and thus, will be helping to activate some new hair fiber. And this will be resulting in longer, stronger and dense hair. Buy Keshma Rani Hair oil online from at best price. Our new herbal Ayurvedic Hair oil is made from some nourishing oils and some natural herbs.

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