Hexa Hair Oil 120ml

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  • Composition: Hair Oil 120ml
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Product Description

Hexa Herbal Hair Oil

Hexa Hair Oil Totally herbal hair oil which protects Hair roots and scalp and eliminates Dandruff. Controls and prevents Hair loss and Grey hair. Hexa Hair oil facilitates Long,Strong and Lustrous Hair.                           

Composition: Each 10 ml contains Amlaki 500 mg, Haritaki 200mg, Vibhitaki 500mg, Jatamasi 300mg, Gudhal 500 mg, Bhringraj 1000 mg, Bakuchi 200 mg, Madhuyashti 500 mg, Tulsi 200 mg, Manjishta 200mg, Chandan 100 mg, Lodhra 1000 mg, Brahmi 500mg, Naagkesar 200mg, Neem Oil 0.1 ml, Til Oil q.s

Form: Hair oil

Description: Hexa hair oil is stimulates hair growth, Combats dry scalp and dandruff; helps prevent and remedy heat and styling damage. It adds shine to hair, nourishes hair, Prevents oily hair and reduces exposure to chemical and other non-natural ingredients.

Is oiling massage with Hexa hair oil good for hair?

So good blood circulation to the follicles is necessary for the hair. Hexa herbal oil massages also help to keep the scalp healthy, nourish the hair and improve the look of dry and damaged hair. The hair should not be rubbed vigorously.=

Is oiling with Hexa  good for hair growth?

Hexa hair oil is used to increase circulation of hair follicles that will promote hair growth. Hexa oil contains the necessary fatty acids needed for moisturizing the scalp that in turn promotes hair growth. Repeated use of this oil also helps reduce greying of hair.


Each 10 ml. contains:

Amlaki – 500 mg, Haritaki – 200 mg, Vibhitaki – 500 mg, Jatamasi – 300 mg, Gudhal – 500 mg

Bhringraj – 1000 mg, Bakuchi – 200 mg, Madhuyashti – 500 mg, Tulsi – 200 mg, Manjishta – 200 mg,

Chandan – 100 mg, Lodhra – 1000 mg, Brahmi – 500 mg,

Naagkesar – 200 mg, Neem oil – 0.1 ml

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