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  • Composition: Calcium + Vit. D3 + Mg + Zn + Folic Acid + DHA + B12
  • Total Package: Pack of 1 (20x15's)
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Daily Nutrition for BP & Diabetes

Product Description

Certain nutrients are especially important for the mother's and the unborn child's development and health during pregnancy. Here is a summary of the functions and significance of the following nutrients in Dr.Ethix's Ethical DHA tablet during pregnancy: folic acid, calcium, vitamin D3, magnesium, zinc, and docosahexaenoic acid, Vitamin B12



Important to the growth of the baby's teeth and bones.

Important Aspects of Pregnancy:

Sufficient consumption of calcium helps in maintaining the mother's calcium reserves, thereby promoting the growth of the fetal skeleton.

Vitamin D3


Supports the immune system and collaborates with calcium to maintain bone health.

Important Aspects of Pregnancy:

Supports in the absorption of calcium, an essential mineral for the growth of the baby's skeleton.


Magnesium (Mg)


Promotes blood glucose regulation, muscle and neuron function.         

Important Aspects of Pregnancy:

Facilitates the growth of the fetus's bones and supports the operation of its muscles.

Zinc (Zn)


Supports enzymatic reactions, wound healing, and immune function.

Important Aspects of Pregnancy:

Necessary for the growth and development of the foetus, especially for DNA synthesis and cell division.

Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)


Necessary for the synthesis and repair of DNA.

Important Aspects of Pregnancy:

lowers the developing fetus's risk of neural tube defects, which are abnormalities of the spine, brain, or spinal cord.

DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)


A vital omega-3 fatty acid for the health of the brain.

Important Aspects of Pregnancy:

Aids in the growth of the infant's eyes and brain.

B12(Vitamin B12)


Vital for neurological function and red blood cell formation.

Important Aspects of Pregnancy:
Aids in the baby's nervous system development.

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