Dr.Ethix's Amla Juice 600ml (Pack of 1)

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  • Manufacturer: Dr Ethix
  • Composition: Amla-Juice
  • Total: Pack of 1 (600ml)
  • Availability: In Stock
This Dr.Ethix's scheme is only for BPL(Below Poverty Line),Widows, Orphans, Single Parent & Differently abled Patients .Kindly enclose the appropriate proof along with your Aadhar Card to get this economically priced products.

Ethix Amla juice

Pure Amla juice for the healthy and active you

Amla prevents hair loss, hair fall and plays a vital role in the overall health of hair.

Amla for glowing skin: It is good for skin beauty.

Amla to burn fat: good for weight loss, fat burning.

Amla for eyes: Vit A in Amla prevents many eye-related problems such as cataract, nearsightedness, intra-ocular, vision improvement, etc.

AmlaPrevents cough and cold: Cure mouth ulcer:

AmlaControl diabetes:.by stimulating the pancreas Islet of Langerhans which further regulate the suitable secretion of insulin hormone.

Amla for a healthy heart: Regular intake of amla means you are making your heart healthy and fit.

Amla for digestion: It is good for digestion and assimilation of foods.

Nutritional Information (Per 100ml)

Calories : 6.1 Kcal, Vitamin A : 4.4 IU, Carbohydrates: 2.2 g, Vitamin C : 0.1 g, Fat: 0.0 g, Sodium : 20.6 mg

Protein:  <1.0 g, Calcium : 24.3mg

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