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  • Manufacturer: Dr Ethix
  • Composition: Fluconazol-150 mg (in a single alu-alu pack )
  • Total: Pack of 1 (20 tablets)
  • Availability: In Stock
This Dr.Ethix's scheme is only for BPL(Below Poverty Line),Widows, Orphans, Single Parent & Differently abled Patients .Kindly enclose the appropriate proof along with your Aadhar Card to get this economically priced products.

Itchout-150 tablets are an antifungal medication used to treat vaginal yeast infections caused by the yeast known as Candida. It works by stopping the growth of common types of vaginal yeast (fungus). This medication belongs to a class of drugs called azoles antifungal. It works by stopping the growth of Candida (fungus). It usually starts to work within one day, but it may take 3 days for your symptoms to improve and up to 7 days for your symptoms to disappear.

What infections does fluconazole in Itchout-150 treat?

Fluconazole is used to treat serious fungal or yeast infections, such as vaginal candidiasis, oropharyngeal candidiasis (thrush, oral thrush), esophageal candidiasis (candida esophagitis), and other candida infections (including urinary tract infections, peritonitis [inflammation of the lining of abdomen or stomach].

What are the side effects of fluconazole in Itchout-150?

  • Common side effects are
  • headache
  • diarrhea
  • nausea or upset stomach
  • dizziness
  • stomach pain
  • vomiting
  • changes in the way food tastes

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