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  • Manufacturer: Dr Ethix
  • Composition: High Con. Whey Protein, Body building Nutritions (500g)
  • Total: Pack of 1 (500g)
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This Dr.Ethix's scheme is only for BPL(Below Poverty Line),Widows, Orphans, Single Parent & Differently abled Patients .Kindly enclose the appropriate proof along with your Aadhar Card to get this economically priced products.

Ingredients: Milk protein, Whey protein, C-Caseinate, Soya protein, Carbohydrate, Sugar and Vitamins

Direction for use: Add 3 scoops of Gym body powder with little milk and stir well to make a paste. Stirring slowly, add balance 250 ml of warm milk to make delicious drink. Add sugar to taste if needed. Take Gym Body 2 to 3 times a day. One serving after workout is must.

Each 100 g contains: Protein 66g, Carbohydrate 30 g, Sodium 400 mg, Calcium 600 mg, Iron 15 mg, Potassium 400 mg, Phosphorous 400 mg, Magnesium 200 mg, Zinc 40 mg, Chromium 100 mcg, Selenium 50 mcg, Vitamin A 3000 I.U, Vitamin D 300 I.U, Vitamin E 30 mg, Vitamin C 50 mg, Vitamin B1 10 mg, Vitamin B2 3 mg, Vitamin B6 3 mcg, Vitamin B12 12mcg, Folic acid  800 mcg, Biotin 10 mcg, K-Calories 384.

Indications: Body builder for muscle growth, Athletes and Martial artists for strength, Stamina power and Quick reflexes. 

Benefits of taking Ethix Gym Body Powder

  • Ethix Gym body powder is the easiest way to get healthy and strong muscles. Milk protein, whey protein and C-Caseinate in gym body powder are helps to protect muscles from break down.
  • Whey protein is used to improve muscle protein synthesis and promote the growth of lean muscle mass. 
  • Soy protein is highly rich in amino acids which is boost up muscle recovery after exercise. 
  • Carbohydrates and sugar will give energy to the body. Vitamins are required for energy production and immune functions. 
  • This is completely nutritional supplement and free from steroids. Buy Ethix gym body powder to get gym body in few weeks. 

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